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Welcome to Rehabilitation in Kimberley

Welcome to Rehab Guide Kimberley, your premier destination for comprehensive addiction treatment in South Africa. With a team of seasoned professionals and a commitment to personalized care, we strive to set a new standard in rehab facilities.

At Rehab Guide Kimberley, we understand that each journey to recovery is unique. This is why our team of qualified psychologists and psychiatrists work together to develop a bespoke treatment plan tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Kimberley: The Sparkling City of Diamonds and Historical Intrigue

Situated in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, Kimberley is fondly known as the ‘Diamond City’. Positioned near the confluence of the Vaal and Orange Rivers, it serves as an important industrial, agricultural, and educational centre.


Kimberley’s history is steeped in the allure of diamonds. It was at the site of the present-day city that the 83-carat ‘Star of South Africa’ diamond was discovered in 1869, leading to a diamond rush that transformed the area. Kimberley is home to the world’s largest hand-dug excavation, the Big Hole, which stands as a testament to the city’s sparkling past.

Places to Stay

Kimberley offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every traveller's needs. For a touch of luxury, the Kimberley Anne Small Luxury Hotel provides high-end services and comfortable living spaces. Protea Hotel by Marriott Kimberley is located right on the edge of the Big Hole and offers comfortable rooms and a range of amenities. On a budget? Guesthouses such as Jungnickel Guesthouse offer affordable rates without compromising comfort. Alternatively, backpackers can find pleasant accommodation at the Kimberley Backpackers Lodge.

What to do

Kimberley provides activities for every type of traveller. Explore the city's rich past with a guided tour of the Kimberley Mine Museum, or embark on a subterranean adventure in the historic De Beers diamond mine. Visit the McGregor Museum to learn about the region's natural history and cultural heritage. For wildlife enthusiasts, an exciting game drive at the Mokala National Park is a must. For a unique shopping experience, head to the Kimberley Africana Library, which houses a plethora of books, artworks, and historical documents. Don't forget to try local culinary delights and enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife. From the shimmering allure of diamonds to its fascinating history and natural beauty, Kimberley captivates its visitors with a unique blend of experiences. It's a city where history, nature, and culture intertwine, creating an unforgettable destination.

Where To Go​

The city's rich mining heritage provides many attractions. The Big Hole and Kimberley Mine Museum are must-visits, providing fascinating insights into the city's diamond mining history. For nature enthusiasts, the Mokala National Park is a haven for wildlife, while the Kamfers Dam is an essential stop for birdwatchers, being home to a large flamingo population. The Sol Plaatje Museum, located in the house of the first Secretary-General of the African National Congress, offers a glimpse into the life of one of South Africa's most influential figures.

The Rehab Kimberley Team: Experts in Addiction Recovery

Our Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Our team consists of experienced psychologists and psychiatrists, each with a deep understanding of the complexities of addiction. They’re here to provide professional support throughout the treatment process, from initial consultation to aftercare planning.

Committed to maintaining and promoting quality standards in addiction recovery across South Africa. By participating in regular audits and continuously improving our services, we ensure our place as leaders in the rehab industry.

Alongside our medical professionals, our dedicated support staff play an integral role in the recovery journey. From administrative staff to personal wellness coaches, each member of our team contributes to the warm and supportive environment at Rehab Kimberley.

Aftercare at Rehab Guide Kimberley

Understanding that recovery extends beyond initial treatment, we offer an extensive aftercare program. This includes ongoing therapy sessions, support group meetings, and assistance with reintegration into everyday life.

At Rehab Guide Kimberley, we're proud to be part of the larger Rehab SA network, offering world-class addiction treatment services across South Africa. We aim to set the benchmark for high-quality, personalised care in the field of addiction recovery.

Join us at Rehab Kimberley and experience the transformational journey of recovery in a supportive, compassionate environment. With us, you’re not just a number – you’re a valued member of the Rehab Kimberley community. Your journey to a healthier, happier life starts here.

Comfort and Safety First

At Rehab Kimberley, our rehabilitation centre is designed with comfort and safety in mind. Our modern facility is equipped with amenities to ensure a secure and serene recovery environment, promoting healing and personal growth.

Set within tranquil surroundings, our rehab centre offers the perfect backdrop for introspection and recovery. From comfortable bedrooms to communal spaces designed to promote interaction and mutual support, we’ve ensured our facility serves as a home away from home.

Ready to start your recovery journey?

Our expert team at Rehab Guide is here to help. Contact us today to receive personalised support and comprehensive treatment plans. Don’t let addiction define your life, take the first step towards reclaiming control with Rehab Guide.

Rehab Kimberley: Your Trusted Partner in Recovery

Putting Patients First : At Rehab Guide Kimberley, our patients always come first. We ensure that every individual who walks through our doors receives the highest standard of care and support throughout their recovery journey. Our commitment to patient care is what sets us apart in the field of rehab services.

Rehab Kimberley: The Next Step in Your Recovery Journey

Choose Rehab Guide in Kimberley, your trusted partner in recovery. Our commitment to quality, personalised treatment, and supportive care positions us as the premier choice for rehab centres in Kimberley and the broader South Africa region. Start your journey to a better life with us today.

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