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Welcome to Rehabilitation in Nelspruit

Our mission at Rehab Guide Nelspruit is clear: We aim to provide effective, comprehensive treatment for those struggling with addiction in South Africa. Our vision is a world free from the bonds of addiction, where every individual has access to the support and care they need to reclaim their lives.

Nelspruit: Gateway to the Exotic Wildlife and Natural Wonders of South Africa

Nestled in the eastern part of South Africa, Nelspruit, also known as Mbombela, serves as the capital of the Mpumalanga province. Positioned on the Crocodile River’s banks and surrounded by mountain ranges, this city is celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes and proximity to South Africa’s famed wildlife reserves.


The city was founded in 1895 by three brothers from the Nel family who saw its potential as a farming hub, hence the name Nelspruit, meaning ‘Nel’s stream’. Over time, it grew into a significant agricultural centre and a gateway to the country’s most iconic wildlife reserves, such as the Kruger National Park.

Places to Stay

From luxury lodges to budget-friendly guesthouses, Nelspruit offers accommodation options to suit various tastes and budgets. Francolin Lodge and Loerie's Call Guesthouse offer opulent stays with beautiful views, while the Town Lodge Mbombela and Shandon Lodge provide quality accommodation for budget-conscious travellers.

What to do

Nature and wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy a thrilling safari at the Kruger National Park, known for its diversity of wildlife including the 'Big Five': lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and buffalo. Similarly, the Blyde River Canyon offers excellent hiking, bird watching, and photography opportunities. Explore the rich flora of the region at the Lowveld National Botanical Garden or take a leisurely stroll through the Nelspruit Nature Reserve. For a dose of history and culture, visit the Sudwala Caves, the oldest known caves in the world, or explore the Nel family's history at the Nelspruit Museum. Shop at the Riverside Mall or indulge in local and international cuisines at one of the many restaurants and cafes in the city. From the verdant landscapes of Nelspruit to the exotic wildlife of the nearby reserves, this city offers a captivating blend of experiences. Uncover the magic of Nelspruit and let its natural beauty create unforgettable memories for you.

Where To Go​

The prime attractions of Nelspruit are its proximity to natural wonders. The Kruger National Park, one of Africa's largest game reserves, is just a short drive away. Similarly, the Blyde River Canyon, the world's third-largest canyon and a natural wonder, is within reach. In the city itself, the Lowveld National Botanical Garden, with its cascading waterfalls and tropical rainforest, is a must-visit. The Mbombela Stadium, with its unique giraffe-like structure, is also a sight to behold.

Rehab Guide's Pledge to Our Patients

At Rehab Guide, our commitment to you is unwavering. Whether you’re dealing with alcoholism or drug addiction, our team of dedicated professionals at Rehab Nelspruit is ready to support you every step of the way. With us, you are never alone in your journey towards recovery.

Choose Rehab Guide in Nelspruit today. With us, reclaim your life and start your journey to a future free from addiction. Together, we can make a difference.

The First Step: Detox

Detoxification is the first step in our treatment process. Under the watchful care of our medical staff, patients are guided through a safe and medically assisted detoxification, preparing their bodies and minds for the recovery journey ahead.

Individual and Group Therapy

A critical component of our treatment programme is therapy, delivered both on an individual and group basis. Our psychologists and psychiatrists employ a range of therapeutic techniques, from cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) to dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), tailored to address each patient's unique challenges.

Family Support and Therapy

Recognising the impact of addiction on families, Rehab Nelspruit offers family therapy and support. We provide education about addiction and advice on how to best support a loved one through the recovery process.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Our commitment to our patients extends beyond their stay at our centre. We offer robust aftercare and relapse prevention strategies, ensuring individuals feel supported and equipped to maintain their recovery when they return to everyday life.

Exercise and Nutrition

As part of our holistic treatment approach, we emphasise the importance of physical health through regular exercise and nutritional guidance. Our on-site gym and nutritionist assist patients in regaining their physical health alongside their mental wellbeing.

Mindfulness and Meditation

To complement our clinical treatments, we offer mindfulness and meditation practices. These techniques help our patients develop coping strategies, increase self-awareness, and promote relaxation.

Personalised Treatment Approach

Our rehabilitation centre, nestled in the scenic surroundings of Nelspruit, is known for its personalised approach to addiction recovery. We understand that each patient has a unique path to recovery, which is why we customise each treatment plan to fit the individual's specific needs.

Interdisciplinary Team of Professionals

At Rehab Nelspruit, we employ a dedicated team of psychologists and psychiatrists, each expertly trained in their field. This inter-professional team works collaboratively, offering an integrated approach to addiction treatment.

A Comprehensive View

Addiction is not a moral failing; it's a complex condition that requires professional intervention. As a part of Rehab SA, we view addiction from a bio-psycho-social perspective, considering all the factors that contribute to this condition, including biological, psychological, and social aspects.

Rehab Guide Nelspruit’s Unique Approach

Our approach to treating addiction extends beyond substance dependency. We also provide care for those struggling with co-occurring mental health conditions, understanding the intricate relationship between addiction and mental health.

Ready to start your recovery journey?

Our expert team at Rehab Guide is here to help. Contact us today to receive personalised support and comprehensive treatment plans. Don’t let addiction define your life, take the first step towards reclaiming control with Rehab Guide.

Rehab Guide Nelspruit: A Tranquil Setting for Recovery

Set amidst the serene backdrop of Nelspruit, our centre offers a peaceful and calming environment, ideal for recovery. Patients can immerse themselves in the therapeutic beauty of nature while engaging in the process of self-discovery and healing.

Together, we can navigate the path to recovery and pave the way towards a healthier, happier future.

Reclaim Your Life with Rehab Guide

Your journey to recovery is one click away. Contact Rehab Guide Nelspruit today, and let us guide you on your path to a brighter, addiction-free future. As part of the wider Rehab SA network, our reach extends across South Africa, with centres also located in George, Kimberley, and more. Embrace the chance to reclaim your life and start anew with us today.

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